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iPhone Applications

We’ve recently launched a set of iOS applications for our About Highlands marketing platform – a piece of software which can be downloaded and installed on the Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

The iOS platform is one which we believe to be head and shoulders above competitors in terms of the mobile user experience, especially in the widespread accessibility it has given users to useful, engaging software.

Within our applications we have given new context the the huge wealth of existing data on our websites and offers users an opportunity to find out what’s nearby, from attractions and activities to where to stay and the best restaurants as well as special offers and deals to be had. It’s lightweight too, so works well in areas with even the weakest mobile signal.

You can find out more and download our applications for free here:

About Fort William and Lochaber

About Oban and the Isle of Mull



An Introduction to About Highlands

About Highlands is a group of websites with the sole purpose of promoting everything our areas have to offer in the most efficient and professional way. It unifies an experience of all the distinct appeals that the Scottish Highlands have to offer while maintaining an individual identity, context and provenance that each region possesses.

About Highlands knits together emerging strategies in social media channels in video, article and networking based platforms with a powerful user-centric website system that aims to raise national and international awareness of our constituent areas.

The platform is geared to grow quickly and integrate and increasing geographic coverage.

In terms of the visitor experience, the mass of information and resources that currently flood the market are almost universally difficult to navigate and don’t fairly showcase both the huge number of tourism businesses and places of nature, culture or heritage. Our product brings clarity with a simple and intuitive user journey which offers a vicarious exploration and tries to ensure that the visitor knows and can find everything they need. This continues with plans to extend the resource into mobile device cross-compatibility and support for low bandwidth so that the same information can be accessed from within some of our remote areas.

From a business perspective we offer very powerful and consolidated web marketing package which can be entirely self-managed through our website.
We combine a variety of initiatives and tactics to promote areas from coverage of large events to hyperlocal focussed social media campaigns. Our armoury is made up of a highly skilled agile mix that produces quick responsive promotion that can offer a much wider reach for businesses, versus their own or committee based marketing.

We currently operate two websites; About Lochaber and About Oban, with plans to introduce several more portals over the coming months.

The sites are powered by our own Sycamore DMS, developed specifically to vastly improve tourism marketing on the web.

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